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Ezdan Online System is a cloud system that supports multiple branches and contains amazing reports that help raise the level of performance of establishments and serve most sectors.

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Web Developments

We care about the user experience, so we strive to develop websites that are responsive with all browsers and compatible on all screen resolutions.

Mobile Developments

We help you in Ezdan to turn your ideas into interactive applications that achieve your goals.

E-Commerce services

We design the best online stores to suit your business needs. Our specialized team will study your potential demographic and analyze the market to produce a store that stands out from your competitors.

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Ezdan system allows for access from anywhere in the world, so access to the Internet is necessary.

Yes, Ezdan supports the printing of thermal invoices and points of sale.

EZDAN is one of authorized solutions providers while we pass the inspection and applied full compliance.

EZDAN offers flexibility in subscriptions, as there is a one-time payment option as well as an annual subscription.

EZDAN online allows adding large numbers of products and dealing with them smoothly and quickly with barcodes.

Yes, as it provides simplified and tax invoices according to the requirements of the Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority, which meets the needs of small and medium enterprises.


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